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What to expect during your session

When you arrive for your session, please be hydrated and have eaten within the last two hours. Please also empty your bladder before your session. You will be asked to fill out a health history form and a release form. Once you are comfortable on the massage table, your therapist will begin your massage.

Your therapist will use Swedish massage techniques during your session. These techniques include long, fluid strokes of the muscle with light to moderate pressure. The therapist may also use kneading, circular motions, tapping, and/or vibration. You should feel relaxed and comfortable during your session.

If you have any questions or concerns during your session, please feel free to ask your therapist.

At the end of your session, you will be given a few minutes to wake up and get off the massage table. It is important to drink plenty of water after your session to help your body flush out any toxins that were released during the massage. View Source

Caning during femdom mistress chat

Yes, there is definitely such a thing as caning during femdom mistress chat. This is a BDSM activity that can be enjoyed by both the dominant and submissive partners. Caning can be used as a form of punishment, as well as a way to increase sexual arousal and pleasure. When caning is used as a form of punishment, it is typically done with the submissive partner being caned on the backside. This can be a very effective way to punish a submissive partner, as the pain can be quite intense. However, it is important to be careful not to cane too hard, as this can cause bruising or even break the skin. If you are using caning as a form of punishment, it is important to agree on a safeword beforehand so that the submissive partner can let the dominant partner know when they have had enough.

Caning can also be used as a way to increase sexual arousal and pleasure. When caning is used for this purpose, it is typically done on the thighs or buttocks. The pain of the caning can help to increase blood flow to the genitals, which can lead to increased arousal. Caning can be a very intense and pleasurable experience for both partners, so it is important to go slowly and make sure that both partners are enjoying themselves.

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